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Thursday October 17, 2019    

While home accidents presently account for over 20% of all accidental deaths, 34% of all disabling injuries occur in the home. This is a higher ratio than any other class of accidents. The following is a list of potential hazards you may have in your home. Please take the time to rectify these potential hazards.
Table cloths should not be hanging over the table
Electrical outlets should be plugged with plastic inserts
Fridge magnets may fall off the fridge - small magnets in the back come loose and children may try to swallow them.
Remove all poisons from the cupboard under the sink or make sure it locks
Toddlers like to pull on cords (electrical) so make sure these are out of reach.
All mats and rugs should have non-slip under-pads
Dry dog food and large dog dishes should be kept of toddlers reach.
Living Room
Staircases must have gates that secure properly
Throw rugs must have non-slip under-pads
Are all cords out of reach of toddlers
Is furniture in good repair
Are electrical outlets secureed
Venetian blind cords should be cut short or tied up and kept away from toddlers (cribs)
Electrical outlets secured.
Antique cribs, mattresses should fit tightly in crib; bars should be no wider than 2 inches apart. Baby bumper pad strings should be cut shorter than 2 inches
Dresser drawers should be kept closed so toddlers cannot climb
Always drain tubs
Secure electrical outlets
Have non-slip surface in tub
Medicine cabinets must be cleaned regularly. Throw out all old prescriptions
All poisons under vanity removed or locks should be installed
Non-slip throw rugs

Use all of the above to safe proof your basement as well.

Helping you and your family find a special house to call home is my job!

Safe-proofing that home to ensure great memories throughout the growth of your family is everyones concern.

Sincerley Yours,

Marcel Rossler

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